Laurie Gordon (vocals, keyboards, guitars, bass, toys), the daughter of Hungarian immigrants, and Krassy Halatchev (bass, vocals, guitars. drums, knobs), born and raised in Communist Bulgaria. Within three months of their meeting, Krassy was being deported and Laurie had "no choice" but to save the band. What started out as a "green-card marriage" blossomed from desperate measures into true love.



Eddie Biljan and Jamie Ferrigan entered into the world of Metal in 1997. They became one of the BC'ss newest metal/hard rock groups catching the eye of Seattle producer Jack Endino. In 1998 they recorded their debut CD Prizefighter and landed a back up spot playing with Testament in late 1999. After playing in and around the local music scene and taking the band as far as they could, they achieved two song placements in film soundtracks.

One of their songs, "Grunts", featured in the international film "Christina's House" and another song, "Slaves by Nature", on indie film "The Falling". Creative changes and the band's direction found Jamie leaving to take a break.

January, 2000 the band went back into the studio with Jack Endino and produced 7 new tracks with vocalist Steve Tru which updated the original indie record and became the newly licensed The Prizefighter.

They signed a Licensing and Distribution deal in 2000 with label Music Avenue ROKAROLA RECORDS and toured for three months in Europe. After finishing the tour the band played one last show at New Music West and the following year participated in the New Music West producers workshop with Jack Endino then broke up soon after.

In late 2006 Jamie and Eddie crossed paths not knowing they worked straight across from each other. They started Biljanaires (pronounced Billionaires) in 2007 as a collective of music and ideas they had between them and to write and record new songs. As with all these things, that simple desire has grown into something bigger. Biljanaires first CD under their new band name has yet to be released, they are currently finishing their 7 song EP.

However, a single, Seven Hills has been released. It is about a place somewhere back East in Canada where Jamie visited and based the story and lyrics on. It is about moving to Vancouver and adjusting to life in a new city. Many of the songs on this CD will be based around this premise. Listening to this song, it seems that the guitar has a voice of its own. Vocals and harmonies are beautiful, reminiscent of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. They have truly authentic vocal arrangements and the blend of acoustic and electric are just a few things that make this group stand out. They are a great Progressive Rock Band that is very memorable, and sustainable in this industry. This is the kind of group that will be on top of the charts for decades to come.



Michael Tiffany is a lead guitarist/composer/producer and a member of BMI and Sound Exchange Spanning a 30 years in music. He has found his way to this point of being an accomplished guitarist and composer. He has been named Artist of The Month in the U.S. , UK and Canada at the same time.

His love for music has kept the fire burning and given him the drive to accomplished many of his dreams as a musician. You can visit his Facebook page at ,

Michael Tiffany @ WIX

After being in bands for many years he has just released his first solo album Out of The Dark in 2015. With Jeff Lanzaro on vocals His music can be heard not only on U.S. radio but also in the UK and Canada with a loyal following of over 11,300 his musical rise is truly gaining momentum. Michael also has a video out for the song Wind At My Back on You Tube

Michael can be contacted via email at and is also available @
You can also get the MP3 version at Amazon


Straight out of Chicago, Mississippi Heat has been performing and recording pure vintage blues for more than two decades. It all began one night at a 1991 gig at the now-closed Cafe Lura in Chicago, where guitarist and singer Jon McDonald invited Pierre Lacocque to join him onstage.

Jon had hired drummer and vocalist Robert Covington (with Sunnyland Slim at the time) and bassist Bob Stroger (also with Sunnyland Slim and with Jimmy Rogers). It went so well that the three musicians decided to form Mississippi Heat.

His brother, Michel, also in attendance that night volunteered to become the band's manager. Since then, the band's current and former members have released a total of 11 albums, touring North and South America, and Europe.

Throughout it all, the band's always stuck to its motto: "Traditional blues with a unique sound". Mississippi Heat's unique sound has its roots in the diverse upbringing of Pierre Lacocque, born in Israel to a Christian Belgian family and raised in Europe.





The Paul Ramirez Band is a dynamic, power trio that was formed in January of 2011 in Houston, Texas. Since that time, they have stayed consistently busy and have maintained a schedule of 3-5 shows per week. In addition to that, they have also held a weekly residency at the Continental Club in Houston, Texas during that time and have been a Houston Press Best Blues Band nominee for 2011-2013.

In between their busy show schedule and some touring, they made time to hit the studio in the summer of 2012 to release the band's debut effort, Sex With A Dragon, to rave reviews in November z Ryan Cortez, Drums & Vocals Read full bio here. Ralston Huber, Bass of that year.

"Sex With a Dragon, throws in a little Santana and New Orleans R&B into Ramirez's stick-to-your-ribs Texas blues-rock", writes Chris Gray, of the Houston Press. Having grown up with a diverse musical culture, Paul wanted to try and incorporate as many different styles as possible on the band's debut release. The band plans on hitting the studio again this summer and start working on the follow up to Sex With A Dragon.


Howard is a native of the mountains of eastern Kentucky. His mother spawned his love for music by introducing him to the guitar at age five. While the love of music never did leave him, his career pushed him in a different direction.

While building his business, he traveled to the Florida Keys, where he developed a severe case of "Keys Fever". He never wanted to leave. The more he visited, the more music, and the keys called out to him.

Finally, he surrendered. The islands called both he and his guitar. He teamed upo with this group of talented musicians and Mile Marker 24 was born and the island music goes on and on.




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