Loyd Vandergriff is "The Human", of The Human Project. He was born in the south in Columbus, GA, moved to Birmingham, then to Montgomery, Alabama. At age 13, he moved to Los Angeles, CA., but just that little time in the south had a big influence on his musical roots. At age 14 he moved to a sleepy little agricultural town in the Central Valley of California by the name of Corcoran where he went to High School.

During this time he played in rock bands all 4 years of high school. The most notible were the Anonymous Five where they cut a 45 in 1967, Trans Love Airway 1968, and Black Earth, 1969. All these bands were exceptional for high school kids. they played every weekend somewhere. Upon graduation in 1969, Loyd was off to college while the rest of the guys kept on. This was frustrating, but he got his degree from San Diego State in 1974 and a teaching credential from Fresno State in 1975. He then became a high school teacher for 19 years at Corcoran High school.

He did not play or pick up a guitar for over 35 years. In 2004 he met some friends and starting playing in a little jam band in Visalia, CA. He best describes his efforts at this time as "pathetic." His chops started to return and he bought a Boss Digital Recorder and started writing for fun. He wrote Workin Too Hard, Ridin This Train and Jimmy's Juke Joint right away...he didn't think they were very good, but he just kept at it. Finally he got some friends together and they recorded "The Real Stuff" In 2006. All of these tracks were originally written on that little Boss recorder. The song Standing in The Shadows put him on the map somewhat.

The CD started selling in Switzerland, and was purchased across the country. Because of this CD, Stanford University contacted him about playing for the pre game party for their football game for the 2006 season. In 2008, he released Human Project II Humanized. 10 more original Human Project tracks. This was sent to Sterling Sound in NYC and mastered by Robert Fallone. This is his most polished effort and he considers this his best work. In 2010, he released Best of The Human Project.

This CD took the best tracks from The Real Stuff and Human Project II. Plus he put 4 new Tracks on it. This is a great CD if you want to get some good Human Project all on one disc. In 2011, he released "Last Train Out." This was his first completely new CD in 3 years. In April of 2014, he released his 5th CD, "Human's Last Stand." He currently Lives in Clovis/Fresno California. He performs on live on rare occasions. His music is original and unique. It comes from the many life experiences he has gone through. So take the time to listen to some of the Human project. It took time to get all of it done..and it is worth the listen.

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From Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Jonathon "Boogie" Long was born with the blues coursing through his veins. Brought up in a Southern Baptist community, he first picked up the guitar at the age of six, teaching himself old gospel songs. Years later, a teenage Long found himself playing weekly gigs at blues clubs and events around town. At fourteen, he left school to lay down his roots touring with local legends Henry Turner Jr. & Flavor from 2003 to 2005.

Additionally, he has toured with Chris Duarte, Kenny Wayne and Tyree Neal on the Chitlin' Circuit. Boogie has shared the stage with standout musicians such as Warren Haynes and Govt Mule, Dr. John, Rockin' Dopsie, Monte Montgomery, Ellis Hall, Kenny Neal, Larry Garner, Henry Gray, Lil Ray Neal, and Lou Marini of the Blues Brothers Band. In 2011, Boogie Long was crowned Guitar Center's "King of the Blues" from a field of over 4,000 contestants, in the competition for #1 Unsigned Blues Guitarist in America.

Soon after, Boogie was sought out to film 2013's "Boogie Blues Magic", an instructional three-DVD set on which he shares his original tricks for learning fundamental blues styles (www.boogiebluesmagic.com). On another recent project, Boogie co-starred in the independent film, "We Be Kings", a fictional story about an elderly couple that owns a juke joint in the Mississippi Delta.

Boogie currently fronts his own blues/soul trio, The Blues Revolution. His soul-stomping vocals and monster guitar shredding, paired with bluesy songwriting chops make his powerhouse performances a must see.

In April 2013, Boogie was tapped by B.B. King to support his four week tour. Also, he was given a prime slot at the New Orleans Jazz Fest Blues Stage! Quickly ascending from Baton Rouge to the main stage, Boogie Long is on track with his lifetime goal of championing blues music and its roots. His debut record was released in April of 2013.



I was born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana in a household where my father listened to The Ventures while my mother listened to Waylon Jennings. Naturally I gravitated to KISS and Heavy Metal just to irritate them. In college I started opening my mind to other types of music, and started listening to more alternative. I still listen to everything from Queensryche to Beethoven, and most everything in between. I have been playing off and on for over 20 years, not really doing anything serious. I finally got a major kick in the ass from some friends who pressed me to start recording an album. To be honest, sometimes it is hard to know when your friends say that you have decent stuff how much of that is your friend talking as opposed to someone who is being seriously objective. I finally heard enough positive comments to believe that there might be some merit in trying to do something, so I am recording a CD presently. My current musical output is more folk/country-rock/rock oriented, but I have been experimenting with other instrumentation and synthesizers to break out of any classification that anyone can put on me. Good music is good music, regardless of the label that people want to put on it. Peace to all!

D Frayne Bourne



Atlanta-based alternative rock band, Nine Times Blue, has been selling out shows all around the Atlanta area and enjoying strong radio support for their new album, Falling Slowly, around the world. While they clearly wear their influences on their sleeve, invoking the classic alt-rock and power pop that first inspired them to pick up instruments, Nine Times Blue has a radio friendly, modern sound that is all their own. Comprised of Kirk Waldrop (vox/guitar), Greg King (guitar/vox), Jeff Nelson (bass/vox) and Jason Brewer (drums/percussion), Nine Times Blue's new album "Falling Slowly" was released on 11/20/12 by Renegade Recordings, distributed nationally by City Hall Records, and is available wherever music is sold.

Continuing the tradition forged by their influences , Nine Times Blue effortlessly blends crunchy guitars, infectious hooks, layered harmonies, and a driving backbeat that will have you stomping your foot and singing along before the end of every song.


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