Banner Exchange/Advertising Packages
Hot Rocks Radio is like the majority of internet radio stations, it thrives and survives on the generous donations by our faithful listeners and supporters. All donations made to Hot Rocks Radio are strictly used to pay our operating expenses. We cannot find the appropriate words to describe our gratitude to those who continue to help to keep us on the air. We offer a variety of ways for those who wish to donate to Hot Rocks Radio, as displayed below.
Free Banner Exchange

Our Banner Exchange Program is a simple program. If you have any type of website with an Internet presence and you would like free exposure, you simply add our banner or banner/media player to your web site and we will repay your support by placing your banner and a link from our Supporters page. From time to time, someone from our staff will visit your page to ensure that our logo is prominently displayed on your page. As long as you promote us, we will promote you. This package does not include air-time advertisements. It is a banner exchange only. To join our Banner Exchange Program, simply add our logo to your website. Then send an email to and let us know. We will add your banner to our page as quickly as we can. Banner size for this package is 230 px x 50 px.

Here is the code you need to add to your page to link to Hot Rocks Radio.

<a href=""><img src="" alt="Hot Rocks Radio" width="250" height="100"></a>

Platinum Banner Exchange

Our Platinum Package gives you maximum exposure. We will display a 230 x 230 px banner on our Supporters page. Your banner will also be included in a slide show on our main page.  We will produce a one (1) 30 second ad for you. Your ad will be played twice a day. Once in a non-prime time slot, and once in a prime time slot.(Non Prime Time is Midnight to 6:00 P.M., Eastern Time, Prime Time is 6:00 P.M. to Midnight Eastern Time.)We will also offer a discount for three, six or yearly payments.



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